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Case Study

City supports 629 sites in the UK and Ireland including full stores, food stores, offices and distribution centres. We manage legal compliance across all sites, and self-deliver the majority of planned preventative maintenance (PPM) and reactive tasks in the UK. Since the contract began in 2019, we’ve continually expanded the range of services we self-deliver, which now includes:

  • All electrical and mechanical repairs
  • Building fabric
  • HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)
  • Refrigeration
  • Water hygiene
  • Fire and security
  • 24/7 service desk

For everything else, we manage and monitor third-party suppliers on behalf of the customer. These include sub-contractors servicing auto-doors, lifts, and escalators.

Our Belfast-based sub-contractor McLaughlin & Harvey maintains stores across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. Their technicians complete PPMs and reactive tasks passed to them by City’s service desk and are managed, overall, by City.


A reassuring solution

Due to the age of the estate, asbestos is a common problem. The customer and City manage this through Simple Compliance, an online register showing the location of all asbestos in every affected store. All technicians are trained in asbestos awareness and the safety precautions for working in a red status store through a five-hour online course comprised of both Simple Compliance and industry recognised modules.


Energy saving innovation that supports the retailer’s sustainability agenda

  • Working with an independent energy bureau, we can remotely measure the temperature of all 46,000 individual fridge cases within the customer's portfolio, so we know when an individual unit is becoming too warm, too cold and even when it’s too full for the fans to work.

  • Load shedding: we run refrigeration cases on fans only during the evening peak period when electricity is most expensive. We monitor the temperatures closely – making sure they stay within safe levels – to protect the food and also the customer's profits.

  • We track the cost of maintaining each asset in real-time, using data gathered by our technicians using their tablets. This means that we know, down to individual asset level, which pieces of equipment are economically viable, and which are beyond economical repair. This lifecycle costing approach also has sustainability benefits and hits the right end of the waste hierarchy (reduce, rather than dispose of) by reducing the volume of parts and equipment being sent to landfill or recovered for recycling. While other FM providers charge extra for this level of detail, it’s business as usual for City.

Mitigating the impact of Covid-19

As a food retailer, our customer has been trading throughout the pandemic, and we continued to complete PPMs as required to maintain compliance. During lockdowns, stores have been selling far fewer products (e.g. no clothes or homeware) and closing off large areas of the sales floor in many cases.

When the English, Welsh and Scottish stores reopened in spring 2021 after a national lockdown, we managed £6m of spending on the company’s behalf to make sure stores were clean, safe and fit to trade. We tested thousands of pieces of equipment, from escalators to coffee machine pressure valves, all with one goal: to delight their customers. In doing so, we protected the customers brand, while the coffee machines encouraged customers to spend longer in their reopened stores.


Added value

Through our partnerships, we also look after food stores at 300 petrol forecourts. This includes refrigeration PPMs and reactive callouts, and a dedicated case cleaning team visit all stores three times a year on a rolling contract, to pre-empt any problems with the chiller units and promote hygiene.

We’ve contracted on various construction, mechanical and electrical, and fire and security projects, including upgrading the CCTV and access control systems at the company’s London head office. 


Remotely measuring the temperature of all 46,000 individual fridge cases within the customer's portfolio

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