Air handling efficiencies

Posted by admin / 25.04.2016 / Case Studies

City was briefed by a leading UK supermarket retailer to build and implement a long-term strategy to prevent the inefficient usage of air handling units on the sales floor.

The Energy team used a forensic approach to trial and analyse the existing approach. Working in partnership with the retailer, we carefully designed a new strategy modelled to the client’s needs. Instead of supplying energy at a constant fixed speed, we implemented a new flexible approach, through the installation of temperature dead bands on the shop floor.

The new method gave each facilities manager greater control over their shop’s energy consumption – reducing the energy used to power the units and the gas required to subsequently heat the shop. Following successful trials and continued analysis, the new strategy was implemented across the brand’s 386 superstores.

The brand welcomed total savings in excess £425,000 in electricity and £200,000 in gas, per annum.